Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spiritual Book Club Reading List for 2013

2013-A Year of Great Books! Here's what we read and see spiritualbookclub.com to see what we're reading now :-)

January  Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land by the Rev. Ruth Everhart
Our group loved Ruth's honesty as she tells about her real emotions visiting these ancient places
You can see the book trailer for this book published by Eerdman's Publishing Company

A member of our Spiritual Book Club said it was a compelling book that she was still thinking about, and we decided it was a great one to prompt discussion.
March 14 a little book about believing: The Transformative Healing Power of Faith, Love, and Surrender By Cash Peters  This book is about Cash's trip to visit John of God in Brazil, and to look into powers of healing, etc. www.cashpeters.com If you don't know Cash, he's a great guy with many talents, former radio host, etc. Those of you in the UK know him better, I think, than those of us in the U.S. Cash has a number of new books coming out too, the man's prolific!

April 18- Help Thanks Wow by Anne Lamott --Yep, we love her writing, her wordsmithery, her wit and with this one, she doesn't disappoint

May 9 Seven Sacred Pauses  by Macrina Wiederkehr

June 13 Sabbath by Wayne Muller

July 11 Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr

August 8 Going Clear by Lawrence Wright

                                   Authors Among Us Series

October 10 Atchison Blue by Judith Valente 
Sorin Books published this book about the Benedictine Sisters of Atchison, Kansas, and Judith Valente's travels and transformation as she visits the monastery month after month.See also Judith's fabulous book "The Art of Pausing"

November 14: Weeds Like Us by Gunter Nitsch
This book needs to be a movie...amazing story from WWII Prussia.
December 12 bring something which reminds you of the Divine