Monday, June 27, 2011

What Meredith's Reading....

Meredith Gould, whose blog you may already be following, or maybe you're following her on "The Twitter?"

Here's what she's reading this summer:

The Liturgical Mysteries by Mark Schweizer*.  Laugh out loud funny, especially for those who have been in or around music ministry. They're on Kindle for $0.99!  So far I've read, The Alto Wore Tweed and The Baritone Wore Chiffon.  I'm currently enjoying The Dead Saintby Marilyn Brown Oden, which is a Bishop Lynn Peterson mystery that I also snagged on Kindle for free or near-free.  

*Author and Composer Mark Schweizer is editor of St. James Music Press. He is the author of nine “Liturgical Mystery” novels, as well as several opera and musical librettos. His published musical compositions can be found in the catalogs of Concordia Publishing House, H.T. Fitzsimmons, Lorenz, Selah Publishing and St. James Music Press.